Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT]

The power of owning your own truth

ACT promotes the idea that our psychological experience cannot be fixed or cured. Rather, we can defuse from suffering and live a life of value.

ACT is a mindfulness based psychotherapy about accepting emotional and physical discomfort while moving towards values based actions in your life. ACT does not aim to reduce symptoms or control emotions. ACT promotes the idea that people, and their psychological experience, are not a thing that’s broken.

Unlike other models that aim to reduce symptoms or control emotions, ACT promotes the idea that people, and their psychological experience, are not a thing that’s broken and needs fixing. In sessions, this may look like exploring difficult emotions and associated sensations while building greater exposure and tolerance, also known as acceptance. Sessions may also include naming and articulating values so that one can identify which behaviors will support those values and create an upward or forward spiral of change.

I was a totally different person when I began this journey with Sarah. I was so lucky to meet a therapist who would lead with love. She follows the lead of your emotions as they come up and is so sensitive in the way she leads you to discover more of yourself. I never once felt pushed or forced to see things a certain way if I didn’t feel ready. I lacked self love and was so very hard on myself. My greatest take away since meeting her is that I have learned to walk with my inner critic and be soft with myself.
I learned how to stand up for myself and take care of my own needs versus being passive was typical. I do a better job in my relationships being honest. I also listen to my spouse better and have learned more about how to be supportive in a healthier way. I feel literally saner, calmer, more present. I love my husband more and I am a nicer person to him and I gained a deeper understanding of being present.